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Belfrey Secure Locksmith Service
Belfrey, a name you can trust.


Belfrey Secure are your local specialist in the repair, replacement and installation of UPVC door and window locks.

UPVC (Double glazed) doors and windows account for over 50% of the UK market with this number increasing annually.
Although they do provide an excellent security solution they are prone to common problems and most people leave it too late to call in a specialist. This can result in costly and previously unnecessary repairs and replacements.

Can you locate the handle smoothly into the locked position?

Does the lock catch as the key is turned in the cylinder?

Call Belfrey Secure for:

  • Door and window locking mechanisms
  • Cylinder repair/replacement or upgrade
  • Door re-alignment
  • Gaining access
  • Door and window handle repair/replacement or upgrade
  • Door furniture replacement
  • Patio & Conservatory Door and window locks


Snapping is a very common technique used by intruders to gain access forcibly to your property and accounts for 27% of all burglaries. It allows them to manipulate the internal locking mechanism by snapping out the cylinder, this is achievable in a little over10 seconds. We can supply Anti-snap cylinders that are specifically designed to resist this form of forced entry.
The Cylinder and the Multi-point locking mechanism (also referred to as an MPL or Espagnolette) are two separate components but working together provide your UPVC doors security. A locked cylinder ensures that the mechanisms locking points are secured. Once the cylinder has been removed it allows easy access to the mechanisms internals for easy retraction of the locking points and entry to your property. Fitting our Anti-snap cylinders is the best way to prevent forced entry from the opportunist thief. Belfrey Secure uses Cylinders that conform to the new British Standard TS007 and are Kitemarked and 3 star rated.

Belfrey Secure, a name you can trust.

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