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Wall safes in Surrey are designed so that they are installed deep into a wall cavity preventing opportunist thieves from removing the safe from site. Hidden wall safes can feature an exposed door however they can still be hidden behind picture frames, mirrors or even at the back of wardrobes behind hanging clothes.

Our customers have chosen wall safes in Surrey are designed so that they are installed deep into a wall to prevent any thief from being able to steal it completely, being made of heavy duty steel.

Hidden wall safes in Surrey because:

  • Easy to hide and can be masked behind other objects
  • Added security – hidden away and securely bolted in place so it cannot be taken away which is a deterrent against thieves
  • Easy installation – designed to fit in between two wall studs
  • Saves on space – being inside a wall
  • Easy access – at eye level with no crouching down to reach the safe
  • Hidden away from other curious people such as house guests and children
  • Water protection – being away from the ground and within a wall means less chance of water damage

We supply a range of different sized models and adjustable depth models to suit your requirements. A popular place with our customers is to have a wall safe near a chimney breast as this offers the most space to work with.

You need to make sure that you allow extra room around the safe space to bed in the concrete. Also Bear in mind condensation/damp if you are using an external wall to have a safe installed into. Get in touch with our sales team today to discuss your options for Wall Safe supply in Surrey from Belfrey Secure.

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