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For the discerning client looking for a more premium safe, we offer stylish designs with added security, all bespoke for your requirements. We supply and Install higher-end safes to customers with a real desire to customise their own safes in order to suit their own taste whilst not compromising on any of the security features that our range of safes offer. Our design safes can be designed and customised to match the interior styles of your home, business, yacht or other luxury location. We offer options such as High Gloss finish with over 150 RAL colours to choose from. Gold plated or Chrome handles, bolt work and electronic locks. Interiors can be luxuriously furnished with hand crafted solid wood drawers made from Walnut, Maple, Oak or High Gloss lacquered finish. Jewellery drawers and storage drawers can be lined in Leather or Suede.

The bespoke elements are not only limited to the interior of the safe, the exterior can also be fully customised to match styles and colour schemes in your premises. Various finishes are available such as granite, high gloss, hardwood, leather and glass. We can also allow for personal images or even corporate branding to feature on the exterior of your safe.

For our higher-end premium safe services, we offer a tailored customer experience from start to finish, beginning with a site visit to assess your needs and then a full design consultation with our expert team to design and produce your bespoke safe. All of our bespoke safes are crafted to the highest quality with beautiful craftsmanship.

Almost any of your designs can be created for you, so please get in touch with our security experts who will be more than happy to assist you with your bespoke luxury safe design and installation.

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