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Most hotels today offer guests a safe in their room, usually tucked away in a wardrobe to allow valuables such as money, tickets and passports to be safely locked away.

Traditional combination dial hotel safe installations were the norm, however most hotels these days will have a PIN electronic lock access safe, most of these will also have an override key. Hotel safes come in all sizes from options to just keep some money and smaller size objects such as cameras, mobile phones and keys in, to larger sized safes to accommodate larger items such as laptops for the business clientele.

Hotels at the higher end of the market may also feature safes with added security features such as audit trail capabilities. This allows you to see exactly who opened the safe at any given time. This is extremely useful should guests ever report anything missing.

Even on an aesthetics level, hotels will select safes which are robust and high quality and again for the more upmarket hotels, models which are in keeping with the overall theme and styles of their hotel rooms. Most modern electronic safes today and indeed the hotel safes we supply and install will also come with the added benefit of emergency key sets when you order with us, to allow you to manually gain access. This is definitely something to bear in mind when ordering hotel safes for your establishment.

Belfrey Secure feature a range of hotel safes that are an ideal solution for your business and offer complete security and peace of mind for your hotel guests. We have a range of branded safes to suit all your requirements from budget models to higher-end security models.

All models that we supply have electronic combinations and come with a two year guarantee for added satisfaction. Speak to our hotel safe installers today to discuss your requirements. We are also happy to discuss discounts on larger orders.

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