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Underfloor Safes

underfloor safe supplier

Belfrey Secure are reliable and trusted floor safe suppliers. Some of our customers prefer something a bit safer and more inconspicuous than a freestanding safe model. This is where floor safes can be a good solution. These Safes are designed to be installed into concrete therefore making them completely hidden from normal view.

We can arrange underground safe supply from our extensive range. Some models come with a deposit facility enabling you to slot items directly into the safe such as coins or notes without having to physically open the safe itself.

Depending on your requirements, we offer models with different neck shapes such as circular or squared. As standard, all our models come with a key locking mechanism however should you require further security we can offer models with mechanical and electronic locking mechanisms.

Our customers have chosen floor safes because:

  • They can be concealed in hidden places.
  • They feature varied locking mechanism options.
  • Different levels of security can be offered depending on your requirements.

Contact our sales team today to discuss your options for Under floor Safe supply from Belfrey Secure.

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