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Belfrey Secure are the specialists in the supply and Installation of Deposit Safes in the UK to your workplace. Typically used by shops and retailers with a higher Cash turnover such as Banks, Petrol stations, Hotels, Restaurants, Leisure and Retail outlets, Deposit Safes are an ideal security solution and offer a significantly increased level of security.

Deposit Safes, also known as Drop Safes in the UK, allow multiple users to deposit Cash, Cheque's, Receipts and Coins without gaining access to the Safes contents. This means items of value can be securely deposited without the need for the key/code holder to be present.

Normally Deposit Safes come with key entry as standard. However, they can be upgraded to Electronic, Biometric or Dual Locking options to better suit your needs. Contact the deposit safe suppliers in the UK today for pricing and further information.

Typical Deposit Safe Options are:

Envelope Slot Deposit Safes

Envelope Slot Deposit Safes have a narrow slot either in the top, front, rear or side to allow Cash, Cheques and Receipts to be securely placed into the Safe without needing to gain access to the main compartment. Envelope slots can also be ‘baffled’ to resist ‘fishing’ attempts.

Capsule Deposit Safes

Capsule Deposit Safes have a facility that allows users to securely deposit Cash, Cheques, Receipts and Coins into the Safe via a plastic capsule without needing access to the main compartment.

Rotary Deposit Safes

Rotary Deposit Safes have a drum built into the top of the Safe and are ideal for larger deposits. The drum is opened and the items are inserted. As the drum closes it automatically drops the items into the secure inner compartment.

Drawer Trap Deposit Safes

Similar to the Rotary Safes the Drawer Trap Deposit Safes have a pull out drawer at the top of the Safe. This is pulled out to allow access to the drawer. As the drawer closes your deposit is released into the secure inner compartment. The inner compartment is not accessible when the drawer is open. These can also be fitted with ‘anti fishing baffles’.

It is advisable to check with your insurance provider before ordering. Manufacturer’s Cash ratings are offered as a guide only.

If you would like to discuss the most suitable Deposit Safe installation in the UK for your workplace call Belfrey Secure and speak to our Safes specialist.

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