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Gun Ammo Safes & Cabinets

Belfrey Secure are professional gun ammo safe and cabinet suppliers. Gun ammunition Safes & cabinets are a very secure & efficient method of storing and protecting your personal firearms and firearm ammo. All guns and ammo kept at your property must adhere to strict home office regulations. All gun ammo cabinets must be secure, locked and away from view. Gun ammo safe and ammunition cabinet installation should always be installed by a professional, at Belfrey Secure we will install police approved gun ammo cabinet storage away from windows etc. Further gun ammo cabinet specifications we follow include:

  • Strong 2mm thick fully welded steel construction (including welded top)
  • Full length anti-jemmy bar
  • Full length anti-lever flange and door interlock
  • Recessed door with multiple folds on door and door housing
  • High density foam divider and floor mat
  • Grey textured powder coat finish
  • 14mm fixing holes in back and base
  • Superior strength 7 lever safe deadlocks
  • Extra door reinforcement

At Belfrey Secure we can easily install gun ammo safes discretely and efficiently for a competitive price. We have a wide range of gun ammunition safes and cabinets available to suit your requirements including:

  • Gun ammo safes
  • Riffle ammo safes
  • Pistol ammo safes
  • Shotgun ammo safes
. We are trusted gun ammo safe suppliers. At Belfrey Secure we can install all types of gun ammo safes and cabinets. For firearms ammo cabinet suppliers call 020 8528 2090.

Belfrey Secure, a name you can trust.

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